Yum Repository Issue for CentOS 6.4

So after an install of CentOS 6.4, I noticed an issue when trying to update the YUM repository to be able to update the RPM packages.  First, after a fresh install, you have to update the repo files which exist in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory. To do this you have to enter the command:

sudo yum install epel-release

Doing this will set up the directive to update the yum repo for enterprise Linux packages. The problem is when it does that, it actually sets up the links as HTTPs instead of HTTP.  My guess when it tries to browse to the mirror list, the mirror doesnt allow HTTPs and therefore fails to pull the correct RPM list from the repo.  To fix it you will have to go to the /etc/yum./repos.d/epel.repo config file and modify all the mirror lists to reflect HTTP instead of HTTPS...

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Raspberry Pi – Raspbian Woes.

It has been a while since I posted to my tech blog, but the latest endeavor has been working on my Raspberry PI cluster server project.  So far it is coming along.  The build came out better than I expected utilizing:

  • 3 Raspberry Pi v2
  • Netgear GS105 – 5 Gig port switch
  • Kensington USB Hub to supply power to each Raspberry Pi (though pictured was HDMI Hub – changed out)
  • Custom Plexiglass case
3 Raspberry Pi v2 servers.

3 Raspberry Pi v2 servers.

My biggest concern was the USB hub not applying enough power, but as long as you give a minimum of 500mA to each USB port, it is sufficient to power each one of the Raspberries with no peripherals plugged into the USB ports.   If you wish to add USB devices, I recommend a power hub plugged into each...

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iPad Mini rules for IT

I recently had a flight to Idaho for work and had the fortune to fly with an Airline that came equipped with in flight WiFi, though I sometimes ask myself, “why isn’t every airline equipped with that nowadays?”  So naturally having interwebs on a flight It was important that I took take advantage of it and logged into my home network to work on my servers.   I could have used my laptop but why would I want to drag out a device that once the drive starts spinning the battery starts draining.  Fortunately being the geek I am, I have found all the appropriate apps that gave me the same capability with my iPad mini that I have with my laptop with 1/2 the energy burn that my laptop does.

Using my IPSEC connection profile on the iPad mini, I connected to my configured Cisco ASA at home which...

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The fun in importing VMs into vCenter

Recently I had a task of recovering VMs to one of my clusters at work off of USB hard drives to datastores that didn’t exist with respect to the original vmx file.  Having new datastores names actually posed an issue after you add the VM into the inventory and try and online the image, but this is one of many issues you will come against when trying to re-import VM images from external source.

One of the most obvious things when onlining data is you have to modify the Virtual NIC for the host, as the NIC that the VM was attached to probably wasnt named the same, so that issue had to be corrected first.   This was the easy fix.  I then noticed that some of the images had virtual harddrives that spanned various datastores on its prior source...

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Beam Work

Sometimes it’s great having various hobbies.  Sometimes it’s not so great as you don’t know where to start or worst only half finish 8 different things.  Well in my laser hobby world I decided to strap in and do some beam work with two of my lasers.

The top laser is my Analog RGB laser with 30K scanners and the lower one is my RGB laser with 20K scanners.  Both are awesome and very vibrant in color especially in a dark room under fog.  I decided to do some beam work with using Audio Machine’s “Hells Battalion”.   It definitely is a very prestigious song to do aerial beams to and it just works naturally with that music.   Below is a demo of my work.  Enjoy.


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