A little about the Virginia Geek

Nothing too exciting about me.  Those that know me know how much of a Geek at heart I am, thus why I own the domain that says such.  I have been in the IT field for about 22 years now working for various Gov’t agencies from the Army, to the Air Force, then moved to the Library of Congress where I assisted with designing the infrastructure for the Internet Archive that had the ability to crawl the internet and store pages for historical purposes. From there I went on to work for the Department of Justice in the CIVIL division.  Since then I have moved to another component with the DOJ where I am the Enterprise Architect that manages 70 sites around the US with a team of 9 Engineers.   It is a lot of work but it is definitely rewarding.

My Geeking doesn’t stop after 5pm.  While at home I operate my own ESX 5.0 hypervisor cluster that hosts numerous websites, my AD servers, and various other services to keep my skills honed.  All nicely organized on my open frame rack it contains from top to bottom:

Server Rack
Cisco 2004 Wireless LAN Controller
Cisco 5510 ASA
Cisco 3560 Switch
Synology iSCSI SAN – 4 TB
Buffalo NAS – T2b
2 ESXi Dell Servers with 32G Memory each
Infiniband SATA Drive array
This is essentially my evening playground where all my IT Geeking occurs.   It actually is nice having my own “Lab” as I test out  numerous configurations that eventually I architect for work usage.




Laser BenchEven still my Geeking doesn’t stop at IT.  In my early years while I was going to school, I actually worked in a Planetarium where one of my duties was running laser light shows.  Went well with my studies which was Physics with a concentration in Optics. I also was sub contracted by Laser Fantasy and AVI for a few years to run outdoor laser shows at various well known venues.  One of my most major gigs was doing the 2000 First Night show for the city of Providence, Rhode Island.  We had a dozen outdoor lasers that we shot across the downtown courtyard for tens of thousands of people to ring in the new year in Lasers.


Presently, lasers are just a fun hobby where I take various songs and make imagery and beam effects for personal enjoyment.  Well, ok, I also did some laser entertainment for one of my good friends New Years parties as well.   My Laser set up is quite nice though.  I have 2 Analog RGB lasers with 40K Scanner and 30K scanners (Left Image)as well as Linear RGB on 20K scanners.



This is only the surface of what makes me tick, but I definitely have enough going on to keep the mind fully stimulated with technology.  Feel free to enjoy my world and maybe find some useful information to geek out your own.  Cheers.