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iPad Mini rules for IT

I recently had a flight to Idaho for work and had the fortune to fly with an Airline that came equipped with in flight WiFi, though I sometimes ask myself, “why isn’t every airline equipped with that nowadays?”  So naturally having interwebs on a flight It was important that I took take advantage of it and logged into my home network to work on my servers.   I could have used my laptop but why would I want to drag out a device that once the drive starts spinning the battery starts draining.  Fortunately being the geek I am, I have found all the appropriate apps that gave me the same capability with my iPad mini that I have with my laptop with 1/2 the energy burn that my laptop does.

Using my IPSEC connection profile on the iPad mini, I connected to my configured Cisco ASA at home which...

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Beam Work

Sometimes it’s great having various hobbies.  Sometimes it’s not so great as you don’t know where to start or worst only half finish 8 different things.  Well in my laser hobby world I decided to strap in and do some beam work with two of my lasers.

The top laser is my Analog RGB laser with 30K scanners and the lower one is my RGB laser with 20K scanners.  Both are awesome and very vibrant in color especially in a dark room under fog.  I decided to do some beam work with using Audio Machine’s “Hells Battalion”.   It definitely is a very prestigious song to do aerial beams to and it just works naturally with that music.   Below is a demo of my work.  Enjoy.


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